Mining Info

Pool Address:

Pool Fee: 2%

Min Payment: 3 ARO

Block confirmation: 10 blocks

Reward split: 100% historic shares

No clouds or similar accepted! This pool is designed for small / home miners!

How to mine:


In order to mine on our pool, you will need to download the Arionum Wallet from

Install the LightArionum app, search for the integrated "Miner" tab and click "Start Mining". This is all, you are now mining on our pool!

If you are a power user and you would like to get maximum mining performance, you should use Dan's java miner which is available here.


Under linux and mac, we recommend using Dan's java Miner, which is available here.

A full guide can be found on the above url.

How to mine: (old version)

In order to mine on our pool you will need to first create a wallet. You can download our bundled miner + cli wallet from here.

Extract the archive exactly in c:\, it is absolutely necessary that the files are located in this directory as php has absolute paths.

Download and install the windows openssl binaries located here (x64 light version). After the installation it's necessary to reboot the computer!

The Windows version on your computer must be installed using the x64 architecture

Run the file Start-Wallet.bat, enter "balance" as the first command and follow the on-screen instructions. Copy your wallet address when printed.

Edit Auto-Miner.bat and replace CHANGE-ADDRESS with the address generated above.

Execute Auto-Miner.bat and it should start mining on our pool.

The miner uses by default 4 cores. If you'd like to mine with more cores, simply start the Auto-Miner.bat again.

In case you get an error regarding a missing DLL, you will need the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime package. This can be done downloaded here:>

For linux:

Install php 7.2 and php-gmp

Download the latest miner from

Change permissions to 755: chmod 755 miner

Run it in the format: ./miner pool (replace YOUR-ADDRESS with your actual address)

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